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John Robbins


How would you like to get a major chunk of your development day back? That’s exactly what IntelliTrace can do for you. Having that “video” of your application’s execution makes debugging and problem solving massively easier than any other of your .NET debugging techniques. In this session you’ll learn the Zen of IntelliTrace and go through finding tough problems in a real world application that you would never find with normal debugging. You’ll see how to best set up IntelliTrace for your day-to-day debugging so you can find problems even faster. You’ll see how to run the standalone IntelliTrace collector so you can record IntelliTrace data to help look for problems on test servers or in production without Visual Studio installed. Finally, you’ll learn how to add your own events to the IntelliTrace collection plans to get the most information possible. IntelliTrace is the first new state-of-the-art debugging tool we’ve had on Windows and it’s something everyone needs to use. This video will show you how.