About WintellectNOW

WintellectNOW is an on-demand training solution that delivers expert knowledge to help individuals and businesses develop, deploy, and maintain software. Developed for the novice to advanced programmer, WintellectNOW content is written and produced by the instructors who train Microsoft’s worldwide development teams. WintellectNOW subscribers learn from the very best, on their own schedule. And they do it anytime, anywhere.


Training options to meet your needs

On-demand training
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The power behind WintellectNOW

Atmosera works closely with customers globally to engineer, deploy, and operate cloud architectures that deliver strategic business outcomes. As a Gold-level, nationally Managed Microsoft Partner, we are a leading Azure Expert Managed Services Provider offering a full range of services including cloud automation, compliance (including HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOC 2 type II, and IRS-1075), InfoSec, application development and modernization, training for cloud engineers and software developers, data resiliency, and mission-critical IT infrastructures.

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