Blaize Stewart

Blaize has been interested in software development since childhood. While in grade school, Blaize was already programming and setting up LANs. Before graduating high school, Blaize had written his first commercial software. It was during high school when Blaize started working his first “real job” as a network administrator. Blaize since this time has been exposed to numerous technologies and has written applications ranging from drivers in Assembler to business applications in 4 GL’s for numerous platforms ranging from portable media players to high-end servers. But Blaize’s specialties include web development and mobile web development with technologies like ASP.NET, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, and PhoneGap as well as server side technologies for writing web services and websites such as .NET, WCF, Perl, and pHp.

From his early days in computing Blaize has loved teaching about technologies too. He spent time in high school training teachers on how to use technology. While in college, Blaize taught peer workshops on web technologies that were even attended by some of his professors. While pursuing his master’s degree, Blaize worked as part time programming instructor training students in current technologies as they prepared for their careers as developers. Even now, Blaize enjoys teaching through training videos and other venues that allow him to teach others how to use the technology.

Blaize loves to spend time with his wife. He also enjoys a wide range of activities including computer gaming, reading, writing, photography, cycling, guitar, language learning, and travel.


Course Title Duration Topic(s)
Assessing an Azure App Migration 01:02:38 Azure
Getting Started with Azure App Migrations 00:41:54 Azure
Getting Started with Kubernetes 00:54:36 Kubernetes
Advanced Azure Integration with AKS 00:49:12 Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure, AKS, Kubernetes
Getting Started with Azure Kubernetes Service 00:54:04 Azure, AKS, Kubernetes, Azure Kubernetes Service
Blockchain on Azure 01:07:51 Azure, Blockchain
Advanced Topics in Software Development with Blockchains, Ethereum, and Solidity 01:03:33 Blockchain, Ethereum, Solidity
Developing Smart Contracts on Ethereum with Solidity 01:35:21 Blockchain, Solidity, Ethereum
Introduction to Blockchain 00:52:21 Blockchain
Developing with Docker 01:05:17 DevOps, Docker
Azure Container Services 00:49:51 Docker, Azure
Getting On Board with Docker 01:07:02 Docker
Introduction to Linux 01:15:22 Linux
Building Your First Android App 01:06:57 Mobile, Android
Architecting PHP Apps 01:09:12 PHP
Web Services with PHP 00:50:54 PHP
More PHP Design Patterns 01:13:08 PHP
PHP Design Patterns 01:45:28 PHP
Data Access with PHP 00:53:26 PHP
Common PHP APIs 01:06:43 PHP
OAuth 2.0 Up and Running 00:50:01 OAuth
Mobile Applications with PhoneGap 01:25:20 Mobile, PhoneGap
Introduction to PHP 01:17:58 PHP
Facebook Integration with JavaScript 01:01:01 Facebook, JavaScript, Web
Getting Started with jQuery Mobile 01:19:34 Mobile, jQuery Mobile, jQuery