Frank La Vigne

Frank La Vigne leads the Data and Analytics practice at Wintellect, where he helps customers leverage data science in order to create smarter solutions and happier customers. He blogs regularly at and has a podcast called Data Driven devoted to all things Data Science. Frank has extensive experience as a software engineer. You can find him on Twitter at @tableteer.

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Course Title Duration Topic Updated
Using HBase 00:50:35 Hadoop, HBase, Data Science, Big Data 20 Jan 2018
Using Pig with Hadoop 00:50:13 Pig, Hadoop, Data Science, Big Data 10 Jan 2018
Using Hive to Query Hadoop 00:57:31 Big Data, Hive, Data Science, Azure, Hadoop 05 Jan 2018
Introducing Hadoop 00:23:27 Hadoop, Data Science, Azure, Big Data 03 Jan 2018
Processing Big Data with MapReduce 01:07:23 Big Data, Data Science, Azure, Hadoop 03 Jan 2018
Data Science for Developers 00:34:11 Big Data, Data Science, Machine Learning, Artifical Intelligence 16 Sep 2017