John Robbins

John Robbins is a cofounder of Wintellect, where he heads up the consulting and debugging services side of the business. He also travels the world teaching his Mastering .NET Debugging and Mastering Windows Debugging courses so that developers everywhere can learn the techniques he uses to solve the nastiest software problems known to man. As one of the world's recognized authorities on debugging, John takes an evil delight in finding and fixing impossible bugs in other people's programs.

John is based in Seattle, WA, where he lives with his wife, Pam, and the world-famous debugging cats, Chloe and Gracie. In addition to being the author of the books Debugging Microsoft .NET and Windows Applications (Microsoft Press 2003), Debugging Applications (Microsoft Press, 2000), and Debugging Microsoft .NET 2.0 Applications (Microsoft Press 2006), John is a contributing editor for MSDN Magazine, where he writes the Bugslayer column. He regularly speaks at conferences such as Devscovery, Tech-Ed, VSLive, and DevWeek.

Prior to founding Wintellect, John was one of the early engineers at NuMega Technologies (now Compuware NuMega), where he played key roles in designing, developing, and acting as project manager for some of the coolest C/C++, Visual Basic, and Java developers' tools on the market. The products that he worked on include BoundsChecker (versions 3, 4, and 5), TrueTime (versions 1.0 and 1.1), TrueCoverage (version 1.0), SoftICE (version 3.24) and TrueCoverage for Device Drivers (version 1.0). He was also the only developer at NuMega with a couch in his office.

Before he stumbled into software development in his late 20's, John was a paratrooper and Green Beret in the United States Army. Since he can no longer get adrenaline highs by jumping out of airplanes in the middle of the night onto unlit, postage-stamp-size drop zones carrying full combat loads, he is very happy to still be able to get out and hike up mountains under his own power.


Course Title Duration Topic(s)
Writing Roslyn Analyzers and Code Fixes 01:33:08 Code Fix, C#, Analyzer, Roslyn
Windows Debugger (WinDBG) for Native Debugging 02:37:27 Debugging
Bugs: Causes and Solutions (Native Code) 00:42:11 Debugging
Solving Memory Problems and the Debug C Run-Time 00:37:53 Debugging
Building for Native Debuggability 00:45:25 Debugging
Debugging During Coding (Native Code) 00:38:27 Debugging
Operating System Support and Debugger Concepts 00:34:24 Debugging
Visual Studio Native Process Debugging Tricks 00:16:53 Debugging
Visual Studio Native Breakpoints 00:43:54 Debugging
Visual Studio Native Expression Evaluation 00:29:11 Debugging
More Visual Studio Native Debugging Tricks 00:41:53 Debugging
Mastering Assembly Language 01:45:17 Debugging
Reverse Engineering 01:24:17 Debugging
Introduction to WinDBG 01:04:08 Debugging
SOS Commands and Minidumps 01:38:32 Debugging
IntelliTrace 01:22:37 Debugging
More Visual Studio Debugging Tricks 00:45:04 Debugging
Expression Evaluator 00:40:06 Debugging
Advanced Breakpoints 00:44:07 Debugging
Symbols and Source Servers 00:44:44 Debugging
Debugging During Coding 00:45:48 Debugging
Visual Studio Process Debugging Tricks 00:18:58 Debugging
Building for .NET Debuggability 00:51:52 Debugging
Bugs: Causes and Solutions 00:42:23 Debugging
The Debugging Process 00:26:30 Debugging
Thinking About Performance 00:36:18 Performance
The Performance of Everyday Things 00:56:03 Performance
Understanding the Visual Studio Profiler 00:22:31 Performance
Windows Architecture 00:27:37 Performance
.NET Architecture 00:24:35 Performance
Performance Counters 00:21:49 Performance
Memory Profiling with the Visual Studio Profiler 00:55:15 Performance
PowerShell for Developers 01:18:55 PowerShell