Kevin Hazzard

Kevin Hazzard is a Principal Consultant and Trainer for Developer Journey, LLC living in Richmond, Virginia USA. He is a long-time Microsoft MVP who thrives in diverse, complex computing environments. He is a lifelong student of programming languages and the "pure web" who loves to exchange ideas with others by speaking at many conferences each year and organizing conferences and user groups in his own community. Kevin authored the book Metaprogramming in .NET, which concerns the value of adaptable software design. He and his wife Donna are parents to five lovely children. In his spare time, Kevin serves as an elected member of the School Board in his community, striving every day to improve the lives of students and teachers in public education.


Course Title Duration Topic(s)
Routes, Controllers, and Actions 00:54:35 Web API, ASP.NET, Web
Thinking in HTTP 00:40:48 Web API, ASP.NET, Web