Margaret Meier de Cox

Margaret Meier de Cox

Margaret began working as a professional technical trainer in 1998. Combining years of prior experience in the technical, marketing, and training arenas, she began teaching web design-related courses for Auburn Montgomery’s Advanced Training Group and other clients such as the National Criminal Justice Association.  Since then, she has regularly led formal training classes for Auburn Montgomery teaching Internet-related technologies and graphic art and design courses.

In 1997, Ms. Meier founded an internet-related business consulting firm. Under her leadership, the company develops web sites and custom web interfaces and provides related support for public, private and government clients. They specialize in web site design, Internet technologies, and web-database interfaces, but have increasingly supported clients in graphic art and other media for both print and electronic uses.

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Course Title Duration Topic Updated
CSS3 Styles for Tables 00:52:18 Web,CSS3 13 Jan 2014
CSS3 Styles for Forms 00:55:10 Web,CSS3 31 Dec 2013
CSS3 Navigation Styles and Responsive Design 00:51:51 Web,CSS3 30 Dec 2013
CSS3 Responsive Design 00:56:17 Web,CSS3 29 Oct 2013
CSS3 Media Queries 00:53:49 Web,CSS3 07 Oct 2013
CSS3 Page Layout 00:52:58 Web,CSS3 16 Sep 2013
CSS3 Typography, Fonts, and Multi-Column Layout 00:48:39 Web,CSS3 02 Sep 2013
CSS3 Transitions and Transforms 00:49:30 Web,CSS3 19 Aug 2013
CSS3 Color and Special Effects 00:58:22 Web,CSS3 02 Aug 2013
Getting Started with CSS3 00:49:31 Web,CSS3 04 Jul 2013