Mark Dunn

Mark Dunn

Mark has over 25 years of experience in the disciplines of software engineering, database administration, and project management. Software that Mark developed for the radio industry is still in use today. He was a lead developer on the team that created Tapscan, a well-known Arbritron ratings analysis package that has dominated that industry for many years.

Since 2003, Mark has been awarded MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) status for his contributions to the Visual Studio .Net community and he serves as Microsoft's Regional Director covering the Southeast United States. Mark also co-founded .Net Rocks, an Internet radio program for .Net developers recognized in over 80 countries and now hosted by Microsoft on the MSDN site.

Mark is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Application Developer, Solution Developer for .Net, and Database Administrator.

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Course Title Duration Topic Updated
SQL Server and BLOBs 01:02:09 Database, SQL Server 31 Dec 2013
SQL Server and XML 00:45:29 Database, SQL Server 12 Dec 2013
Database Security 01:02:06 SQL Server, Database 11 Dec 2013
Transactions and Locking 00:53:15 SQL Server, Database 06 Dec 2013
Cursors 00:38:58 SQL Server, Database 29 Oct 2013
Triggers 00:53:28 Database, SQL Server 26 Oct 2013
User-Defined Functions 00:49:40 Database, SQL Server 24 Aug 2013
Stored Procedures 00:58:47 SQL Server, Database 20 Aug 2013
Writing T-SQL Scripts 01:03:02 SQL Server, Database 10 Aug 2013
Views 00:38:58 SQL Server, Database 13 Jul 2013
Working with Built-In Functions 01:25:34 Database, SQL Server 08 Jul 2013
Data Types 00:35:59 Database, SQL Server 02 Jul 2013
Modifying Data 00:53:05 Database, SQL Server 21 Jun 2013
Subqueries 00:59:02 SQL Server, Database 30 May 2013
Summarizing Data 00:52:26 SQL Server, Database 28 May 2013
Multi-Table Queries 00:53:29 Database, SQL Server 26 May 2013
Introduction to SQL 01:10:14 Database, SQL Server 01 May 2013
SQL Server 2012 Tools 00:29:08 SQL Server, Database 01 May 2013
Single-Table Queries 00:55:22 Database, SQL Server 01 May 2013