Mark Smith

Mark Smith

Mark has been involved with software development for over 20 years, starting on mainframes (IBM VM/SP) and moving on to OS/2, and finally settling on Windows. He has extensive experience consulting for large companies, providing architectural and debugging help, performance tuning and design advice. He is the author and contributor to several open source projects including a popular TAPI wrapper and MVVM library for XAML applications.

Mark has taught COM and .NET courses to developers all over the world, focusing on core concepts and solid design principles. He has also spoken at several developer conferences and user groups. You can find his blog at where he writes about UI design, debugging and core .NET topics.

Mark currently works with Microsoft Research on large dataset analysis, designing algorithms to take advantage of multiple cores to process and visualize large biological sequences. He also works with Wintellect clients to design and improve their .NET-based solutions.

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Course Title Duration Topic Updated
Managing Layout in Xamarin.iOS 01:35:58 Xamarin 24 Mar 2014
Dynamic Layout Management in Xamarin.Android 01:46:55 Xamarin 14 Feb 2014
Views and Controls in Xamarin.iOS 01:58:29 Xamarin 09 Feb 2014
Views and Controls in Xamarin.Android 01:26:07 Xamarin 26 Jan 2014
Introduction to iOS Development with Xamarin and C# 01:03:14 Xamarin 08 Jan 2014
Introduction to Android Development with Xamarin and C# 01:10:29 Xamarin 22 Dec 2013