Razi bin Rais

Razi bin Rais is a senior software engineer at Microsoft, a prominent speaker, author, and seven-time Microsoft MVP award recipient with a focus on Microsoft technologies and development stack. His passion for programming goes back to high school where he delved into the BASIC programming language and later moved to programming with C using the beloved Turbo C compiler. He holds a Masters in Computer Science, where he focused his research on knowledge-based workflows. He later presented his work at the Microsoft PDC 2007.

He has enjoyed life as an expatriate working as a software engineer in Singapore, Dubai, Oman, and France, in the process acquiring the supernatural ability to decode foreign languages and fix bugs at odd hours of the night.

While in New York, he founded the New York City Office 365 User Group, providing developers and end-users a unique place to brainstorm ideas on how to use O365 for better productivity. His latest book titled Programming Microsoft's Clouds focuses on the Microsoft cloud platform and how developers can utilize Office 365 APIs along with Azure services to build robust applications.

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