Ron Sumida

Ron Sumida

Ron has been working with Microsoft technologies for 25 years. He began his Windows software development career with user interface programming in the Win16 API on Windows 3.1, continued through the Win32 era, working on both user interfaces and operating system services, and then spent five years working with COM. For the past 15 years, he has primarily been working with .NET related technologies.  Since JavaScript UI Frameworks have risen in popularity, Ron has also been working extensively with Javascript, Typescript, HTML5, and Angular.

He still has a passion for user interfaces, having authored a course on Windows Forms and having taught courses in WPF, Silverlight, Expression Blend and ASP.NET WebForms and MVC. Dr. Sumida also is passionate about multithreaded programming, having worked extensively with threads from the days of Win32 through the current versions of .NET. Ron is also an early adopter and course author for .NET Core.  He teaches a wide range of other .NET related topics, including (but not limited to): C#, Linq, What’s New in .NET, WCF, Workflow, Advanced .NET, debugging, entity framework, and web programming.

He received his PhD in Computer Science from UCLA, where he conducted research on applying neural networks to problems in Artificial Intelligence. Ron was a Teaching Associate at the UCLA Computer Science Department, where he presented weekly lectures on LISP, MS-DOS, Artificial Intelligence, and Natural Language Processing, and provided students with assistance on programming projects. His dissertation involved building a neural network-based system for understanding natural language texts.


Course Title Duration Topic(s)
Deployment in .NET 5.0 01:22:13 .NET
Introduction to .NET 5.0 01:19:16 .NET
Preparing for .NET 5 01:12:43 .NET, .NET Core
Mastering .NET Core: Introduction 01:06:12 .NET Core