Advanced C++ Programming

C++ is one of the most popular programming languages on the planet, and it has evolved immensely in recent years to support features such as generics, R-value references, and traits. Take your knowledge of C++ to the next level with this advanced mastering series from C++ guru and blues musician Julian Templeman.

Course Title Author Duration Topic(s)
C++ Templates Julian Templeman 00:27:52 C++, Templates
C++ Generics Julian Templeman 00:29:20 C++, Generics
R-value References and Move Semantics in C++ Julian Templeman 00:21:16 C++
Constexpr, Traits, and Static Assertions in C++ Julian Templeman 00:29:31 C++
Functional Programming in C++ Julian Templeman 00:48:09 C++, Functional Programming
Programming Concurrency in C++ Julian Templeman 00:52:45 C++, Multithreading