ASP.NET MVC 5 Fundamentals

This comprehensive video series from Bob Tabor will get you up to speed quickly with ASP.NET MVC Version 5. The aim is to help you understand every important feature of the MVC framework; the philosophy behind the framework, conventions, Visual Studio tooling and scaffolding, helper classes utilized in Views and Controllers, Razor syntax, attributes, validation, routing, areas, internals, filters, architecting ASP.NET MVC applications and more.

Course Title Author Duration Topic(s)
Introduction to ASP.NET MVC 5 Bob Tabor 00:09:59 MVC, ASP.NET
Building your First ASP.NET MVC Application Bob Tabor 00:26:26 MVC, ASP.NET
Understanding the Model-View-Controller Design Pattern Bob Tabor 00:07:15 MVC, ASP.NET
Understanding "Convention over Configuration" Bob Tabor 00:07:05 MVC, ASP.NET
Passing Data from the Controller to the View Bob Tabor 00:04:23 MVC, ASP.NET
Defining a View and Layout Bob Tabor 00:12:36 MVC, ASP.NET
Helper Methods in the View Bob Tabor 00:07:07 MVC, ASP.NET
Understanding Razor Syntax Basics Bob Tabor 00:25:10 MVC, ASP.NET
Generating a Scaffolded App from an Entity Data Model Bob Tabor 00:12:21 MVC, ASP.NET
Introduction to Routing Bob Tabor 00:21:41 MVC, ASP.NET
Working with RouteValueDictionary in HTML Helper Navigation Methods Bob Tabor 00:12:22 MVC, ASP.NET
Introduction to Data Annotations Bob Tabor 00:10:56 MVC, ASP.NET
Preserving Data Annotations Using a Partial Metadata Class Bob Tabor 00:09:42 MVC, ASP.NET
Understanding MVC Application Architecture and the View Model Bob Tabor 00:12:03 MVC, ASP.NET
Introduction to Model Binding Bob Tabor 00:20:47 MVC, ASP.NET
Creating an HTML Form with Labels and Other Form Controls Bob Tabor 00:30:54 MVC, ASP.NET
Introduction to Validation Bob Tabor 00:22:57 MVC, ASP.NET
Adding Client-Side and Unobtrusive Validation Bob Tabor 00:13:34 MVC, ASP.NET
Introduction to Cross-Site Scripting and the AntiForgeryToken Bob Tabor 00:13:27 MVC, ASP.NET
Styling HTML Helper Method Output Bob Tabor 00:15:31 MVC, ASP.NET
Returning Views, HTTP Errors and Redirecting Requests Bob Tabor 00:12:50 MVC, ASP.NET
Layout Pages, RenderBody, RenderPage, and RenderSection Bob Tabor 00:15:42 MVC, ASP.NET
Partial Views Bob Tabor 00:10:37 MVC, ASP.NET
Child Actions Bob Tabor 00:08:19 MVC, ASP.NET
Caching Actions and Child Actions Bob Tabor 00:15:58 MVC, ASP.NET
Custom Routes Bob Tabor 00:31:19 MVC, ASP.NET
RESTful URL Design Bob Tabor 00:15:47 MVC, ASP.NET
Attribute Routing Bob Tabor 00:16:19 MVC, ASP.NET
Filters Bob Tabor 00:17:37 MVC, ASP.NET
Areas Bob Tabor 00:08:31 MVC, ASP.NET
Bundling and Minification Bob Tabor 00:30:56 MVC, ASP.NET
Custom Display Templates Bob Tabor 00:10:06 MVC, ASP.NET
Custom Editor Templates Bob Tabor 00:14:18 MVC, ASP.NET
ViewBag Versus ViewData Bob Tabor 00:07:56 MVC, ASP.NET
TempData Bob Tabor 00:09:43 MVC, ASP.NET
Using Resource Files for Strings and Error Messages Bob Tabor 00:14:21 MVC, ASP.NET
Implementing Localization Bob Tabor 00:17:16 MVC, ASP.NET
Creating Custom View Models Bob Tabor 00:14:47 MVC, ASP.NET