Mastering Data Science with SQL

The fundamental language of data is the Structured Query Language, commonly known as SQL. In this series, Eric Greene teaches the basics of the language, and then imparts the skills and knowledge needed to use it to extract information from massively large datasets. Whether you are a data scientist or a software developer, this series will take you deeper into SQL than you've ever been before — and hone your SQL development skills for the age of big data.

Course Title Author Duration Topic(s)
Getting Started with SQL Eric Greene 01:03:25 Data Science, SQL, Big Data
Working with the Relational Data Model Eric Greene 00:53:05 Data Science, SQL, Big Data
Preparing Raw Data for Big Data and Data Science Eric Greene 02:02:08 Data Science, Azure, SQL, Big Data
Querying for Data Eric Greene 00:53:18 Data Science, SQL, Big Data