Mastering GraphQL with Apollo

GraphQL is a query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with existing data. Apollo is a popular GraphQL platform that implements GraphQL on top of existing REST APIs. Take a deep dive into GraphQL and Apollo in this comprehensive series from Eric Greene, and learn how to manage complex REST APIs by letting GraphQL do the heavy lifting.

Course Title Author Duration Topic(s)
Getting Started with Apollo and GraphQL Eric Greene 01:04:34 Apollo, GraphQL, JavaScript
Using GraphQL with the React Apollo Client Eric Greene 01:00:55 JavaScript, Apollo, React, GraphQL
Performing GraphQL Mutations with Apollo Eric Greene 01:07:53 JavaScript, Apollo, GraphQL
GraphQL Subscriptions with React Eric Greene 01:01:04 React, JavaScript, Apollo, GraphQL
Apollo Client State with React Eric Greene 02:07:05 JavaScript, Apollo, React, GraphQL
Higher-Order Components with React Eric Greene 01:18:37 Apollo, React, GraphQL, JavaScript