Jeff Prosise

Jeff Prosise makes his living writing apps for Microsoft platforms and teaching others how to do the same. With expertise in HTML5, Windows, and Windows Phone, he travels the world enlightening audiences about tools and techniques for creating rich apps. A former engineer who discovered after college that there’s more to life than computing loads on mounting brackets, today Jeff’s passion is for mobile development and the Microsoft Web stack. He works closely with Microsoft product teams in Redmond, WA, to track the latest advances in these technologies. Jeff has written nine books and hundreds of magazine articles, in addition to prolifically blogging about his latest adventures, passions, and discoveries in programming.

In 2000, Jeff co-founded Wintellect to provide .NET consulting and education services to developers everywhere. He has taken his passion for software development to the masses by remaining actively involved with the developer community. He is a long-standing Microsoft MVP and one of the first 18 people worldwide to receive the Silverlight MVP designation. Jeff has presented at conferences and community events around the world, including Microsoft TechEd US and Europe, Microsoft PDC, DevWeek, Microsoft TechDays, and Microsoft DevDays.

In his off-time, Jeff enjoys spending time with his wife and three kids. He is also known to go out of his way to get wet in some of the world’s best dive spots and to spend way too much time building and flying R/C jets.

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Course Title Duration Topic Updated
Fundamentals of ML.NET 01:30:50 Machine Learning, .NET Core, ML.NET 07 Apr 2020
Fundamentals of Machine Learning 01:56:44 Machine Learning, Python, scikit-learn 20 Mar 2020
Hands-On with Azure HPC 00:41:11 Azure 16 Feb 2016
Hands-On with Azure Machine Learning 00:51:34 Azure, Machine Learning 14 Feb 2016
Hands-On with Azure Stream Analytics 00:51:41 Azure 16 Jan 2016
Introduction to Xamarin Forms 00:53:25 Xamarin, Xamarin Forms 03 Jul 2015
HTML5 Canvas API 01:03:00 JavaScript, Web, HTML5 06 Jun 2013
Introduction to WinRT 00:55:39 Windows Store Apps 26 May 2013
HTML5 Indexed DB 00:55:27 HTML5, Web, JavaScript 24 May 2013
HTML5 File APIs 00:38:43 JavaScript, Web, HTML5 24 May 2013
HTML5 Web Storage 00:30:17 HTML5, Web, JavaScript 23 May 2013
HTML5 Networking APIs 00:44:14 JavaScript, Web, HTML5 23 May 2013
Background Tasks in Windows Store Apps 01:02:40 Windows Store Apps 10 May 2013
jQuery Events 01:01:10 jQuery, Web, JavaScript 01 May 2013
jQuery Effects 00:41:13 JavaScript, Web, jQuery 01 May 2013
jQuery AJAX 00:59:11 jQuery, Web, JavaScript 01 May 2013
Orientation and Snapping in Windows Store Apps 00:38:55 Windows Store Apps 05 Apr 2013
Contracts in Windows Store Apps 00:58:27 Windows Store Apps 04 Apr 2013
Pointer Input in Windows Store Apps 00:42:46 Windows Store Apps 04 Apr 2013
Authoring jQuery Plugins 00:33:20 jQuery, Web, JavaScript 12 Jan 2013
Introduction to jQuery 01:01:14 JavaScript, Web, jQuery 11 Jan 2013
HTML5 Web Workers 00:38:37 JavaScript, Web, HTML5 01 Jan 2013
HTML5 Geolocation API 00:33:19 HTML5, Web, JavaScript 27 Dec 2012