Jeff Prosise

Jeff Prosise is a co-founder of Wintellect who makes his living writing software and helping others do the same. He has written nine books and hundreds of magazine articles, trained thousands of developers at Microsoft, and spoken at some of the world’s largest software conferences. Jeff’s passion is teaching software developers how to build cloud-based apps with Microsoft Azure and introducing them to the wonders of AI and Machine Learning. In his spare time, Jeff builds and flies large radio-control jets and travels to development shops, universities, and research institutions around the world educating them about Azure and AI.


Course Title Duration Topic(s)
Fundamentals of Deep Learning 01:09:15 Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Keras, Machine Learning, TensorFlow
Principal Component Analysis 00:33:03 Machine Learning
Fundamentals of ML.NET 01:30:50 Machine Learning, .NET Core, ML.NET
Fundamentals of Machine Learning 01:56:44 Python, Machine Learning, scikit-learn
Hands-On with Azure HPC 00:41:11 Azure
Hands-On with Azure Machine Learning 00:51:34 Azure, Machine Learning
Hands-On with Azure Stream Analytics 00:51:41 Azure
Introduction to Xamarin Forms 00:53:25 Xamarin, Xamarin Forms
HTML5 Canvas API 01:03:00 HTML5, JavaScript, Web
Introduction to WinRT 00:55:39 Windows Store Apps
HTML5 Indexed DB 00:55:27 HTML5, JavaScript, Web
HTML5 File APIs 00:38:43 HTML5, JavaScript, Web
HTML5 Web Storage 00:30:17 HTML5, JavaScript, Web
HTML5 Networking APIs 00:44:14 HTML5, JavaScript, Web
Background Tasks in Windows Store Apps 01:02:40 Windows Store Apps
jQuery Events 01:01:10 jQuery, JavaScript, Web
jQuery Effects 00:41:13 jQuery, JavaScript, Web
jQuery AJAX 00:59:11 jQuery, JavaScript, Web
Orientation and Snapping in Windows Store Apps 00:38:55 Windows Store Apps
Contracts in Windows Store Apps 00:58:27 Windows Store Apps
Pointer Input in Windows Store Apps 00:42:46 Windows Store Apps
Authoring jQuery Plugins 00:33:20 jQuery, JavaScript, Web
Introduction to jQuery 01:01:14 jQuery, JavaScript, Web
HTML5 Web Workers 00:38:37 HTML5, JavaScript, Web
HTML5 Geolocation API 00:33:19 HTML5, JavaScript, Web