Tony Sneed

Tony Sneed has worked for 20 years as a professional developer on the Microsoft platform and has provided expert technical training on the .NET Framework to hundreds of developers. As a consultant for Wintellect, he designed and developed a high-performance enterprise service bus and a single sign-on solution based on Windows Identity Foundation. He is the author of the popular Simple MVVM Toolkit for WPF, Silverlight, Windows Store and Windows Phone, and Trackable Entities for Entity Framework and ASP.NET Web API. Over the past two years his technical blog has attracted over 300,000 visits from 110 countries.

Tony is a frequent presenter at .NET developer groups and conferences, and has written articles for MSDN Magazine. He currently resides in Kosice, Slovakia, with his wife and three children.

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Course Title Duration Topic Updated
Web API Serialization, Model Binding, and Validation 00:54:32 ASP.NET, Web API 24 Nov 2015
What's New for Web API in ASP.NET 5 00:55:22 ASP.NET, Web API 03 Jul 2015
Web API Hosting 00:53:35 Web API, ASP.NET 03 Jun 2015
Introduction to ASP.NET Web API 00:56:56 ASP.NET, Web API 05 May 2015
Entity Framework in N-Tier Applications 01:05:57 Entity Framework 19 Jan 2015
LINQ to Entities 00:52:03 Entity Framework 02 Mar 2014
Code-First Development with Entity Framework 00:50:55 Entity Framework 27 Jan 2014
LINQ: Language Integrated Query 00:52:39 C#, Entity Framework 19 Jan 2014
Entity Framework Architecture 00:53:15 Entity Framework 09 Jan 2014
Entity Framework Overview and Quick Start 00:34:53 Entity Framework 31 Dec 2013