Introduction to ASP.NET Web API

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Tony Sneed


Until ASP.NET Web API came along, the ideal way to create web services in .NET was to use Windows Communication Foundation. And while WCF added support for RESTful services with POX (Plain Old XML) and JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), it did little to simplify a framework which was built on SOAP and came to be regarded as complicated and difficult to configure properly. For this reason, Microsoft introduced the ASP.NET Web API, based on the popular MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern it had implemented with ASP.NET.

In this introductory session, Tony begins a detailed treatment of the ASP.NET Web API. You’ll learn how Web API was designed from the ground up with first-class support for concepts such as testability and dependency injection, how to implement standard controller actions, the naming conventions used by Web API to route incoming requests to specific actions, how to design actions that perform asynchronous I/O to make your Web API services more scalable and much, much more.

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