Mastering .NET Debugging

Microsoft’s .NET is a proven success, but when you get into trouble, you get into trouble deep. With a team spending 50% of its time debugging, the best way to ship on time is to learn how to debug better and faster.

See and learn how to take advantage of the black art debugging tools available to .NET developers, no matter which .NET technologies you’re using. This course will pay for itself the day after it’s finished in productivity and bug fixing speed.

  • See all the debugging tricks in Visual Studio
  • Learn how to deal with .NET memory problems once and for all.
  • Conquer production debugging issues with ease.

This is the same course that Microsoft requires for its developers and testers on product teams. Since most developers have never had a class in any sort of debugging, it’s been learned piece meal or not at all. This course focuses on three key areas.

  • Avoiding bugs in the first place and how to approach development to minimize the possibility of bugs
  • Learning all the tips and tricks of Visual Studio such as advanced breakpoints, the expression evaluator, and remote debugging
  • Solving the hardest problems of all, .NET memory and production debugging

By the end of this course, developers will know how to approach problems in a better manner as well as how to use the tools at their disposal. The development world has gone agile, but the best way to ship on time is to know how to debug better than your competitors.