Mastering .NET Performance Tuning

Small code is fast code and fast code is good code. .NET makes development easy, but with the garbage collector as a black box, great performance is harder to achieve than ever before.

Excellent performance is very hard to achieve in today’s world of a million moving parts in your average .NET application. Add in the fact that the .NET garbage collector is a complete black box and it makes your life even harder. Performance is a feature and this session will get you thinking about performance in the right way. This course answers questions such as:

  • How do we architect for .NET performance?
  • What can I do while coding to make sure I don't kill performance?
  • How can I truly monitor my .NET code during test and production?
  • Which performance tools are the best?
  • After this course, developers will be correctly thinking about performance from requirements to production. Additionally, they will know exactly how to look at any .NET application and apply performance tools to figure out the real problems that make all the difference.