Mastering Windows Debugging

While .NET gets all the press, native Windows C++ code rules the world. In this full-on, intensive series of videos, you’ll learn the intricacies of debugging C++ code from beginning to end so you can tackle the toughest problems. This is the same course Microsoft requires for its developers and testers on the product teams. Not only will you learn tons of cool tricks in Visual Studio 2013 and WinDBG, you’ll learn about assembly language and example-filled approaches to reverse engineering.

There are four key focus areas for this course:

  • Avoiding C++ bugs in the first place and how to approach development to minimize the possibility of bugs in production
  • Learning how to best use Visual Studio and amazing tricks such as advanced breakpoints, the expression evaluator, and remote debugging
  • Getting a handle on assembly language to discern what’s going on when you crash so you can work your way back to your code
  • Leveraging WinDBG to fill debugging gaps that Visual Studio can’t handle

If you watch all the videos in this course, you’ll learn how to approach problems better and how to utilize the debugging tools to solve problems faster. The development world has gone agile, but the best way to ship on time is to know how to debug better than your competitors. With your average team spending 50% of their time debugging, you need this course!

At WintellectNOW, this course is broken down into individual sessions that can be viewed as needed. However, if you are not an experienced C++ developer/debugger, we highly recommend that you go through the course from beginning to end. That’s the natural flow of the course.

This course uses Visual Studio 2013, but nearly everything works identically in Visual Studio 2010 and Visual Studio 2012.