Mastering Windows Store Apps

Windows 8 brings a whole new application model and user experience to life. To take advantage of it you need new skills. To build power efficient and fluid experience in a touch-enabled world, you need this class.

There’s a new API in town, and it’s called WinRT. This class introduces the Windows Store app model and takes you deep into WinRT so you can produce great LOB apps or write engaging apps that shine in Microsoft’s application store.

  • See how to build UIs with XAML
  • Learn all about Process Lifetime Management (PLM)
  • Learn how to use background tasks

Windows 8 supports a brand new application model. This application model lets developers build secure, power-friendly, fast, responsive, immersive, touch-focused applications. Windows Store applications can be written in C++, C#, Visual Basic, or JavaScript, and they employ DirectX, XAML, or HTML5 as their user-interface technology. Moreover, Windows Store apps feature a bold new look that’s nothing like the Windows apps you’ve seen before.

Mastering Windows Store Apps provides developers with the skills they need to write Windows-style apps using XAML and C#. Its goal: to bring you up to speed quickly and efficiently and prepare you to blaze new trails in the fast-evolving world of Windows development.

Mastering Windows Store Apps can be customized to fit your company’s needs. The course is presented in a 3-day lecture format or can be extended to a 5-day format to include labs.