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Course Title
New Features in C# 9.0
CI/CD with Azure Pipelines and Artifacts, Part 2
CI/CD with Azure Pipelines and Artifacts, Part 3
CI/CD with Azure Pipelines and Artifacts, Part 1
Assessing an Azure App Migration
Anonymization and Pseudonymization for Data Professionals
Getting Started with Azure App Migrations
Getting Started with Kubernetes
Compression and Archiving in Python
Deployment in .NET 5.0
Privacy Fundamentals
Common File Formats in Python
The File System in Python, Part 1
The File System in Python, Part 2
Introduction to .NET 5.0
Dictionaries in Python
Object-Oriented Programming in Python, Part 1
Object-Oriented Programming in Python, Part 2
Fundamentals of Deep Learning
Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Part 4: Complex Systems
Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Part 5: Cryptography
Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Part 6: Cryptanalysis and Cyber Attacks
Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Part 7: Steganography
Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Part 8: Network Security
Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Part 9: Applications and Policies
Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Part 10: Software Resources
Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Part 11: Summary
Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Part 1: Overview
Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Part 2: Rationale
Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Part 3: Randomness
Unit Testing in Python
Principal Component Analysis
Functions in Python, Part 2
Functions in Python, Part 1
Managing Application State with NgRx, Part 1
Managing Application State with NgRx, Part 2
Managing Application State with NGXS, Part 1
Managing Application State with NGXS, Part 2
Libraries in Angular
Lazy Loading in Angular
Getting Started with Vue.js
Advanced Hooks in React
Optimizing React Performance with React Profiler
Managing State with MobX, Part 3
Managing State with MobX, Part 2
Managing State with MobX, Part 1
React Router, Part 3
React Router, Part 2
React Router, Part 1
Authorization in Angular
Form Validation and Error Handling in Angular
User Authentication in Angular
Routing and Layout in Angular
Getting Started with Angular 11
Preparing for .NET 5
Fusing Power Apps with Power BI Reports
Building Business-Ready Power Apps
Extending Power Apps with Automation
Getting Started with Microsoft Power Apps
Fundamentals of ML.NET
Fundamentals of Machine Learning
Managing Azure DevOps Build Pipelines
Managing Azure DevOps Repositories
Managing Azure DevOps Project Users
Connecting PowerShell Core to Azure and Azure DevOps
Managing Azure DevOps Projects
Getting Started with PowerShell Core, Part 3
Getting Started with PowerShell Core, Part 2
Getting Started with PowerShell Core, Part 1
Supercharging Power BI Reports
CI and CD for Azure Functions in Azure DevOps
CI and CD for Containers in Azure DevOps
CI and CD in Azure DevOps
Getting Started with Azure DevOps
Getting Started with Gatsby, Part 1
Getting Started with Gatsby, Part 2
Getting Started with Next.js, Part 2
Components and Data with React, ASP.NET Core, and EF Core
Getting Started with Next.js, Part 1
Collecting and Saving Data with React, ASP.NET Core, and EF Core
Introduction to Keras
Integrating Entity Framework Core with React and ASP.NET Core
Integrating React and ASP.NET Core
Building a Single-Page Application with React 16 and ASP.NET Core 2.2
Introduction to Blazor
Building RESTful Web APIs with ASP.NET Core and Azure
OpenAPI for ASP.NET Core 2.2
Serverless Computing with Azure Functions
What's New and Improved in Visual Studio 2019
Selective Updating in React
Using Context in React
Advanced Azure Integration with AKS
Using Refs in React
React Reducer Hooks
Styled Components in React, Part 1
Getting Started with Azure Kubernetes Service
Mastering Cosmos DB with the SQL API
What's New in ASP.NET Core 2.2
Docker for ASP.NET Core Developers
React State Hooks
Fundamentals of GitHub: Collaboration and Social Coding
Fundamentals of SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
Fundamentals of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
Fundamentals of Git: Using Git for Source Control
More CSS Selectors for React Developers
Getting Started with CSS for React Developers
CSS Selectors for React Developers
Essentials of CSS for React Developers
Apollo Client State with React
Higher-Order Components with React
GraphQL Subscriptions with React
Performing GraphQL Mutations with Apollo
Using GraphQL with the React Apollo Client
Getting Started with Apollo and GraphQL
Getting Started with RxJS
RxJS Operators
Managing Redux Side Effects with Thunk
Object-Oriented Programming in Scala
Scala Basics
Using Inheritance in Scala
Introduction to Scala
Getting Started with Angular and ASP.NET Core
Classification with Support Vector Machines
Linear Regression in Python
Redux with React
Identity Enhancements in ASP.NET Core 2.1
Live Web Interactions with ASP.NET Core and SignalR
Getting Started with Redux
React Class Components
Building Razor Pages with ASP.NET Core
Getting Started with ASP.NET Core
.NET Standard for Mere Mortals
Blockchain on Azure
Introduction to React
Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service
Introduction to Azure Infrastructure
Advanced Topics in Software Development with Blockchains, Ethereum, and Solidity
Developing Smart Contracts on Ethereum with Solidity
Introduction to Blockchain
Getting Started with Azure IoT
Comprehensions in Python
Operator Overloading in Python
Working with Data using Pandas
Statistics with Python, Part 3
Getting Started with MobX
Getting Started with Perl 5
Introduction to Deep Learning
Best Practices for Azure Deployment
Building Neural Networks with TensorFlow
Building Neural Networks with MXNet
Statistics with Python, Part 2
Getting Started with Data Science using Python
Statistics with Python, Part 1
Functional Programming in C++
Programming Concurrency in C++
Using HBase
Mastering .NET Core: Introduction
Microsoft Cognitive Services: Entity Linking Intelligence Service
Using Pig with Hadoop
Preparing Raw Data for Big Data and Data Science
Querying for Data
Using Hive to Query Hadoop
Introducing Hadoop
Processing Big Data with MapReduce
Architecting Distributed Cloud Applications, Part 4: Versioning Services
Architecting Distributed Cloud Applications, Part 5: Leader Election
Architecting Distributed Cloud Applications, Part 6: Data Storage
Architecting Distributed Cloud Applications, Part 1: Fundamentals
Architecting Distributed Cloud Applications, Part 2: Networking Communication
Architecting Distributed Cloud Applications, Part 3: Messaging
Microsoft Cognitive Services: Project Wollongong
Getting Started with SQL
Working with the Relational Data Model
Microsoft Cognitive Services: Project Cuzco
Variables, Classes, Types, and Control Flow in Python
Sequences in Python
Modules and Packages in Python
Getting Started with Python
C++ Templates
C++ Generics
R-value References and Move Semantics in C++
Constexpr, Traits, and Static Assertions in C++
Building Neural Networks with CNTK Using a Data Science Virtual Machine
Building Neural Networks with CNTK Using Apache Spark and Azure HDInsight
Microsoft Cognitive Services: Custom Vision Service
Microsoft Cognitive Services: Video Indexer
Getting Started with TypeScript
Mastering Angular, Part 9: Consuming REST Services
Closures in JavaScript
Data Science for Developers
Microsoft Cognitive Services: Translation APIs
Asynchronous Programming in JavaScript
Clustering with Spark ML
Recommendation with Spark ML
Promises in JavaScript
Text Analytics with Spark ML
Regression with Spark ML
Classification with Spark ML
Getting Started with Synaptic
Symbols, Generators, and Iterators in JavaScript
Introduction to Spark
Business Intelligence Tools and Spark
Data Processing with Spark 2
JavaScript: The Future
Modules in JavaScript
Arrays in JavaScript, Part 1
Arrays in JavaScript, Part 2
Microsoft Cognitive Services: Search API
Windows Containers: Lessons Learned from Large Enterprise Adoption
Microsoft Cognitive Services: LUIS and QnA Maker
Objects in JavaScript, Part 1
Objects in JavaScript, Part 2
Expressions, Operators, and Primitive-Type APIs in JavaScript
Control Flow and Interations in JavaScript
Functions in JavaScript
JavaScript Types and Variables
Microsoft Cognitive Services: The Emotion and Text Analytics APIs
Microsoft Cognitive Services: The Face API
Microsoft Cognitive Services: The Computer Vision API
Getting Started with Power BI Desktop
Streaming and Analytics in Power BI
Developing Custom Visuals for Power BI
Prototype Inheritance in JavaScript
ASP.NET Core Middleware
Building ASP.NET Core Web UIs with Razor
Authentication and Authorization in ASP.NET Core
Mastering Angular, Part 8: Displaying Form Validation Information
Mastering Angular, Part 7: Custom Form Validation
Mastering Angular, Part 5: Template Forms
Mastering Angular, Part 6: Form Validation
Getting Started with Power BI
Getting Started with Power BI Embedded
Mastering Angular, Part 4: Reactive Forms
Mastering Angular, Part 3: Services
Mastering Angular, Part 2: Pipes
Mastering Angular, Part 1: Components
Mastering React and TypeScript, Part 8: Complex User Interfaces
Mastering Xamarin Forms Development, Part 9: Advanced Push Notifications
Mastering React and TypeScript, Part 7: Using Forms with React
Mastering React and TypeScript, Part 6: Composing React Components
Mastering Xamarin Forms Development, Part 8: Renderers, Behaviors, and Effects
Mastering Xamarin Forms Development, Part 7: Push Notifications
Mastering Xamarin Forms Development, Part 6: Data and Storage Strategies
Mastering Xamarin Forms Development, Part 5: Dependency Services
Mastering React and TypeScript, Part 5: Sorting and Filtering
Mastering Xamarin Forms Development, Part 3: Styles and Theming
Mastering Xamarin Forms Development, Part 4: Bindings, Commands, and Converters
Mastering Xamarin Forms Development, Part 2: Basic Controls and Plugins
Mastering React and TypeScript, Part 4: Finish Building a React CRUD Application
Mastering React and TypeScript, Part 3: Build a React CRUD Application
Mastering React and TypeScript, Part 1: Setting Up a Development Environment
Mastering React and TypeScript, Part 2: Completing the Development Environment
Mastering Xamarin Forms Development, Part 1: Pages, Layout, and Navigation
Developing UWP Apps, Part 10: Voice, Speech, and Cortana
Using React with Redux
Implementing Cross-Platform Microsoft Authentication in Xamarin Forms
Developing UWP Apps, Part 9: Background Tasks
Developing UWP Apps, Part 8: Cloud and Connected Services
Developing UWP Apps, Part 7: Toasts, Tiles, and Push Notifications
Developing UWP Apps, Part 6: Multimedia and Printing
Developing UWP Apps, Part 5: Bindings, Commands, and Converters
Developing UWP Apps, Part 4: Networking and Storage
Developing UWP Apps, Part 3: Custom and Advanced Controls
Developing UWP Apps, Part 2: Basic Controls and Patterns
Developing UWP Apps, Part 1: Layout and Navigation
Getting Started with Visual Studio Code
What's New and Improved in Visual Studio 2017
Real-World DevOps with Microsoft Azure
Introduction to Redux
Building Azure Mobile Apps
Building Azure Web Apps
Introduction to .NET Core
Building Azure API Apps
Building Azure Logic Apps
Using Azure Functions to Build Nanoservices
Building Desktop Apps with Node.js and Electron
Node.js Express Web Applications
Creating Bots with the Microsoft Bot Framework, Part 2
Creating Bots with the Microsoft Bot Framework, Part 1
Node.js Express REST Services
Node.js Packages
Advanced Cortana Integration
Node.js Files, Streams, and Buffers
Supercharging Enterprise Apps with Microsoft Cortana
Node.js Modules
Microsoft Cortana for App Developers
Developing with Docker
Creating Custom View Models
Creating Azure Resource Manager Templates in Visual Studio
Azure Container Services
Introduction to Node.js
Getting On Board with Docker
Application Pen-Testing: Putting Your Skills to Work
Game-Changing Features in ES2015
Application Pen-Testing: The OWASP Top 10
Hands-On with Azure HPC
Hands-On with Azure Machine Learning
Implementing Localization
Using Resource Files for Strings and Error Messages
Visual Studio 2015, Part 1: Series Introduction
Visual Studio 2015, Part 2: What is Visual Studio?
Visual Studio 2015, Part 3: Which Edition of Visual Studio Should I Choose?
Visual Studio 2015, Part 4: Working with Projects and Solutions
Visual Studio 2015, Part 5: Understanding Visual Designers and Code Editors
Visual Studio 2015, Part 6: Ten Crucial Shortcuts to Master
Visual Studio 2015, Part 7: Customizing Visual Studio's Layout
Visual Studio 2015, Part 8: Understanding the NuGet Package Manager
Visual Studio 2015, Part 9: Debugging Basics
Visual Studio 2015, Part 10: Visual Studio Team Services
Visual Studio 2015, Part 11: Visual Studio Azure Integration
ViewBag Versus ViewData
Application Pen-Testing: Introduction and Tools
Hands-On with Azure Stream Analytics
Custom Display Templates
Custom Editor Templates
Introduction to Angular 2
More Web Application Attacks and Countermeasures
New Features in C# 6 and Visual Studio 2015
Architectural Spikes and Setting Up the Solution
Common Web Application Attacks and Countermeasures
Using Dependency Injection to Decouple Layers
Understanding Cross-Cutting Concerns
Chatty versus Chunky Layer Interactions
Designing Data Transfer Objects
Understanding the Application Services Layer
Understanding the Web Services Layer
Bundling and Minification
Authentication and Authorization
Series Introduction
What is Architecture?
When and How Architecture Happens
Change is the Biggest Challenge in Software Development
Understanding the Layered Architecture Pattern
Understanding the Domain Layer
Understanding the Presentation Layer
Understanding the Persistence Layer
Custom Routes
RESTful URL Design
Attribute Routing
Partial Views
Child Actions
Caching Actions and Child Actions
Returning Views, HTTP Errors and Redirecting Requests
Layout Pages, RenderBody, RenderPage, and RenderSection
Web API Serialization, Model Binding, and Validation
Introduction to Cross-Site Scripting and the AntiForgeryToken
Styling HTML Helper Method Output
Securing Databases
Introduction to Validation
Creating an HTML Form with Labels and Other Form Controls
Adding Client-Side and Unobtrusive Validation
Preserving Data Annotations Using a Partial Metadata Class
Understanding MVC Application Architecture and the View Model
Introduction to Model Binding
Introduction to Data Annotations
Working with RouteValueDictionary in HTML Helper Navigation Methods
Introduction to ASP.NET MVC 5
Building your First ASP.NET MVC Application
Understanding the Model-View-Controller Design Pattern
Understanding "Convention over Configuration"
Passing Data from the Controller to the View
Defining a View and Layout
Helper Methods in the View
Understanding Razor Syntax Basics
Generating a Scaffolded App from an Entity Data Model
Introduction to Routing
Basic Security Concepts
Windows 10 In-Place Upgrade Troubleshooting and Restoration
Getting Started with Windows 10
What's New for Web API in ASP.NET 5
Introduction to Xamarin Forms
Introduction to Hadoop Using the Syncfusion Big Data Platform
Web API Hosting
Introduction to ASP.NET Web API
Writing Roslyn Analyzers and Code Fixes
Developing HTML5 Games from Scratch: Creating and Managing Game Objects
Security Threats, Principles, and Fundamentals
Entity Framework in N-Tier Applications
Intellectual Property for Technologists: Trademarks, Patents, and Trade Secrets
Intellectual Property for Technologists: Introduction to IP and Copyrights
Getting Started with Graph Databases using Neo4j
Dependency Injection with Unity
Introduction to Visual Studio Extensions, Part 2
Introduction to Visual Studio Extensions, Part 1
ETW Disk I/O and Machine Information
AngularJS: Debugging and Performance
SignalR Extensibility
ETW Custom Events and Idle-Thread Analysis
Building Apps with Unity
AngularJS: Advanced Directives
Introduction to NServiceBus
Introduction to Profiling with Event Tracing for Windows
SignalR Self-Hosting
WPF Basic Styling
The MEAN Stack, Part 2: Scaffolding and Frameworks
The MEAN Stack, Part 1: Introduction
Angular UI-Router: How to Build Complex HTML User Interfaces
AngularJS: Testing
MongoDB for Developers
Crystal Reports: Parameter Fields
AngularJS: Directives Fundamentals
Security for Internet-Facing Servers
AngularJS: Routes
Creating PowerShell Cmdlets with PowerShell
Creating PowerShell Cmdlets with C#
Developing HTML5 Games from Scratch: Handling Input
Mastering Text with PowerShell
AngularJS: Web Services
Managing Layout in Xamarin.iOS
Unit Testing with Visual Studio 2013
Crystal Reports: Formulas
SignalR Performance
WPF Basic Binding
Debugging and Unit-Testing ASP.NET Routes
WPF Layout
Developing HTML5 Games from Scratch: Drawing and Animation
Control Templates
LINQ to Entities
Getting Started with Breeze.js
Developing HTML5 Games from Scratch: A Solid Foundation
Dynamic Code Generation: Writing Code that Writes Code
AngularJS: Services
WPF Panel Controls
ASP.NET MVC 5 Attribute Routing
Windows Debugger (WinDBG) for Native Debugging
Dynamic Layout Management in Xamarin.Android
Introduction to HTML5 for Game Developers
WPF Basic Controls
Impressive Data Visualizations with D3
Crystal Reports: Reports Design Fundamentals, Part 2
Views and Controls in Xamarin.iOS
Rudiments of ASP.NET Routing
AngularJS: Dependency Injection
JavaScript Gotchas
SignalR Scaling
Code-First Development with Entity Framework
Views and Controls in Xamarin.Android
The Seven Tenets of an Engaging and Natural User Experience
Vector Graphics
LINQ: Language Integrated Query
Creating Electronic Reports with PowerShell
CSS3 Styles for Tables
Node.js for the Confused
Entity Framework Architecture
Crystal Reports: Reports Design Fundamentals
Introduction to iOS Development with Xamarin and C#
C# Raw Data and REST Service Access
iOS Development with Objective-C: Now You're Serious
Windows Server Hyper-V Real-World Best Practices
Data Visualization and MVVM
Tile and Toast Notifications
Windows Runtime Networking APIs
C# ASMX and WCF Service Access
SOLID Principles
Introduction to Linux
JavaScript Soup to Nuts: Back to Basics
Azure Notification Hubs
SQL Server and BLOBs
CSS3 Styles for Forms
Entity Framework Overview and Quick Start
CSS3 Navigation Styles and Responsive Design
Bugs: Causes and Solutions (Native Code)
Solving Memory Problems and the Debug C Run-Time
AngularJS: Advanced Filters
Building for Native Debuggability
Debugging During Coding (Native Code)
Operating System Support and Debugger Concepts
Visual Studio Native Process Debugging Tricks
Visual Studio Native Breakpoints
Visual Studio Native Expression Evaluation
More Visual Studio Native Debugging Tricks
Mastering Assembly Language
Reverse Engineering
Building Your First Android App
SignalR Security
Stream Input and Output
Introduction to Android Development with Xamarin and C#
C# Unit Testing
Mobile-First Responsive Design using LESS, Bootstrap, and Angular
SQL Server and XML
Architecting PHP Apps
Database Security
C# Application and Component Types
Storage Folders and Files
Matrix Transforms
Getting Started with Visual Studio ALM and TFS 2013
Transactions and Locking
Windows Store Apps Process Model
Windows Store App Package Data and Roaming
Windows Server Hyper-V Step by Step
Windows Store Packages: Building, Deploying, and Installing
What's New in WPF 4.5
Elements, Controls, and Layout
AngularJS: Scope and Digest Loop
A Design Patterns Refresher
SignalR Hubs and Client Management
C# File Access
SignalR in a Flash
XAML Fundamentals
Getting Started with Ember.js
NoSQL for the Confused
Mastering Google Chrome's Developer Tools
Building Your First iOS App with Objective-C
CSS3 Responsive Design
Web Runtime Architecture
Routes, Controllers, and Actions
Migrating ASP.NET Web Forms to MVC
Microsoft Fakes
Advanced Client Security
LESS is More
CSS3 Media Queries
Spicing Up ASP.NET MVC Apps with KnockoutJS
Raspberry Pi: Programming GPIO
Thinking in HTTP
Web Services with PHP
Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Software Development
CSS3 Page Layout
Building Next-Generation Social Solutions with Yammer
Securing Servers
CSS3 Typography, Fonts, and Multi-Column Layout
Network Security
C# Application Settings
User-Defined Functions
C# Data Structures
Build Your First ASP.NET MVC App
Introduction to Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
Stored Procedures
CSS3 Transitions and Transforms
Raspberry Pi Startup
C# Program Flow
C# Basics
More PHP Design Patterns
PHP Design Patterns
Writing T-SQL Scripts
Introduction to Security
Managing Image File Metadata
From the Trenches: Creating and Publishing NuGet Packages
CSS3 Color and Special Effects
JavaScript for C# Programmers
WCF Behaviors and Extensibility
Fundamentals of AngularJS
When It's DNS, It's ALWAYS DNS!
Data Access with PHP
Introduction to Windows Image Processing APIs
Working with Built-In Functions
Getting Started with CSS3
Data Types
Common PHP APIs
Introduction to Knockout.js
Introduction to Test-Driven Development
Modifying Data
MVVM with Portable Class Library
Building a Live Grid with ASP.NET Web API and SignalR
TypeScript => Essentially JavaScript Eventually
OAuth 2.0 Up and Running
Introduction to WinDBG
SOS Commands and Minidumps
Using Group Policies to Simplify Domain Management
HTML5 Canvas API
Node.js on Windows: A Crash Course
Pimp My Perfect Developer Machine – Windows 8 and the Client Hyper-V
Mobile Applications with PhoneGap
Understanding Backbone: A Hands-On Approach
Enterprise JavaScript Best Practices
Understanding Azure Mobile Services
Performing I/O-Bound Asynchronous Operations
More Visual Studio Debugging Tricks
Introduction to PHP
Expression Evaluator
Advanced Breakpoints
Summarizing Data
Modular JavaScript Architectures
Enterprise Architecture Best Practices
Symbols and Source Servers
Debugging During Coding
Visual Studio Process Debugging Tricks
Introduction to Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services
Introduction to WinRT
Multi-Table Queries
Understanding RequireJS
Building for .NET Debuggability
Bugs: Causes and Solutions
The Debugging Process
HTML5 Indexed DB
HTML5 Web Storage
HTML5 Networking APIs
Facebook Integration with JavaScript
Getting Started with jQuery Mobile
Microsoft Azure Storage Service Overview
Microsoft Azure Storage: Blobs
Microsoft Azure Storage: Tables
Microsoft Azure Storage: Queues
Microsoft Azure Cloud Service Fundamentals
Microsoft Azure Cloud Service Role Features
Updating a Microsoft Azure Cloud Service
Getting Started with Microsoft Azure
Thread Fundamentals
Performing Compute-Bound Asynchronous Operations
Thread Synchronization Primitives
Thread Synchronization Locks
Garbage Collection
Background Tasks in Windows Store Apps
Thinking About Performance
The Performance of Everyday Things
Understanding the Visual Studio Profiler
jQuery Events
jQuery Effects
jQuery AJAX
Introduction to SQL
SQL Server 2012 Tools
Single-Table Queries
Twitter Bootstrap
Windows Architecture
.NET Architecture
Performance Counters
Memory Profiling with the Visual Studio Profiler
Orientation and Snapping in Windows Store Apps
Contracts in Windows Store Apps
Pointer Input in Windows Store Apps
Authoring jQuery Plugins
Introduction to jQuery
PowerShell for Developers
HTML5 Web Workers
HTML5 Geolocation API

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